#TheList Is Out!

Bonjour, fellow Marketeers!!

First of all – BIG congratulations to the finalists!!! As you all must be aware right now, from our multiple announcements on our social media platforms, the final list of teams for “#TheMarkChallenge2016” has been released.

So now it’s time to address the big question – ‘What do they get?’ 🙂

While we’re still finalizing on the specificities that will constitute those prizes, we thought we would let you know what titles you could potentially go away with from the event on the 6th of April (Refer to our Facebook page for the details regarding ticket sales).

  1. I, II & III prizes for the top business plans.
  2. Best idea from the audience (I did say you 😉 )

‘Mentiones speciales’

  1. Best Brand Identity
  2. Best Financial Plan
  3. Best Marketing Plan
  4. Best Innovation
  5. Best Charity Plan
  6. Best Presentation

As you realize from our choice of adjectives – we strive for superlative levels. And this year- #TheMark has achieved that standard, thanks to all those brilliant entrepreneurial minds that were sparked in the process.

Also, the teams that did not make it to the final list were not deterred; in fact, a couple of them are determined to go on with their business ideas and launch them in due course. So as you can see, #TheMark is not just a competition, it’s a true platform for your entrepreneurship. And we’ll definitely feature few of those teams in our posts soon.

So save the date guys! It’s April 6th, at the Columbus Hotel in Monaco. And I will be back with more news soon!


Until later- #LeaveYourMark



Kent Wayyt


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