Here is the post you’ve all been waiting for – the official finalists of #TheMark2016. The teams are an eclectic mix of nationalities and ideas, all combined just in the perfect amount to ooze confidence and pizzazz! Since we don’t want to ruin the essence of the event by letting out even a gist of … More #TheFinalists

#TheEventsTeam !

You’ve met most of our team already … but ‘most’ just won’t do. Now that we’re coming to a close, it’s time to introduce one very important component of #TheMarkTeam. These are the people responsible for setting up this beautiful event that you are going to witness tomorrow at the Columbus hotel. Along with the others, … More #TheEventsTeam !

#JudgeOurJury !

I’ve expressed quite a lot in my previous posts about how #TheMark is trying to reach superlative heights in all domains this year. Well, with our great organizing teams (a little self-praise does no harm! *wink*), wonderful participating teams, impeccable keynote speakers, and fabulous array of prizes (all of which you should know by now) … More #JudgeOurJury !


*It’s the final countdown…* – INDEED. We’re at that point in the journey where each team is meticulously prepping their final pitch; the pitch for an idea that could potentially be the next game-changer the industry so fervently seeks. Needless to say, this competition has already ignited sparks in multiple minds – but the fight … More #It’sNearlyTime!