#JudgeOurJury !

I’ve expressed quite a lot in my previous posts about how #TheMark is trying to reach superlative heights in all domains this year. Well, with our great organizing teams (a little self-praise does no harm! *wink*), wonderful participating teams, impeccable keynote speakers, and fabulous array of prizes (all of which you should know by now) – there’s just one piece left to finish the jigsaw. And what is that, you ask? Why our esteemed jury of course! (I’m sensing the title was a giveaway.)

And at par with our self-set bar for excellence, we are proud to introduce our immaculate jury members:

Jury President

Eric Althaus (Founder & President of Althaus Yachting)

Eric Althaus

Jurors (in alphabetic order)

Axel Hoppenot (Group Director of Sales & Marketing – SBM; President – Skal International Monaco)

Axel Hoppenot
Hadami Magtouf (Store Director – Louis Vuitton, Monaco)

Hadami Magtouf
Jelena Djokovic (National Director – Novak Djokovic Foundation)

Michel Bouquier (Senior Advisor – Finance and Economy Department Monaco)

Michel Bouquier
Nazanine Matin (Managing Director, Europe – Total Impact Capital)

Nazanin Matin
Thierry Chausse ( President – JCI Monaco)

thierry Chausse
Zsolt Lavotha ( Former Chairman – Monaco Venture Capital & Private Equity Association)

Zsolt Lavotha

So as you can judge from their respective positions, the finalists will be thoroughly assessed from all possible angles, looking into every single conceivable detail. This confirms one thing for sure – the competition is INTENSE.

All teams are putting their best foot forward and hoping for the best – to win #TheMarkChallenge 2016. They got the chance to do so and consequently have come out with flying colors. Now it’s all left to D-Day.

I only have 3 more things to say:

All the best!

See you soon!


…And as always –               #LeaveYourMark !


Until next time,

Elmo St.Hayr


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