#TheEventsTeam !

You’ve met most of our team already … but ‘most’ just won’t do.

Now that we’re coming to a close, it’s time to introduce one very important component of #TheMarkTeam. These are the people responsible for setting up this beautiful event that you are going to witness tomorrow at the Columbus hotel. Along with the others, they form the true ‘Behind-the-scenes’ icons.

If you think it’s all fun and games setting up an event in the beautiful city of Monaco – let me tell you, it’s not. They’ve been hard at work for months (since last year! 😀 ) making sure the event tomorrow is carried out without a hitch. So when we asked the Team Head what he felt about the buzz #TheMark was creating, here’s what he had to say:


“Not just around the world, but even in Monaco, there are several business plan competitions. But #TheMark has really unique criteria: first of all, it’s related to luxury- a business area where it isn’t frequent to find contributions by younger generations. Second, not only is it a business plan competition open to the younger generation, but it’s also managed by young people. Our role as team managers is only a consulting/supervising role: the idea generation and the real work are done by the students who were selected and consequently accepted to be a part of this project.

The “Events team” started working right from the start of the project- looking for the right location, the sponsors, and dealing with the contracts with different partners. But the “difficult” and challenging part is yet to come! During the event, the team will be completely engaged in the production of The Mark afternoon. As I always say, ‘An event is a show; we cannot stop even for a second to think, we cannot go back and redo something that we don’t really like. All the decisions are taken during the event, in a split second!’ Of course, I’m exaggerating a bit, but it’s impossible to know or plan in advance for EVERYTHING that will happen during an event. And this is when you truly appreciate the quality of an event management team!”

-Andrea Barbagelata, Events Team Leader

Without further ado – presenting the ‘Events Team’!

events team

There’ll be more updates very coming soon! Until then, you know it –




Verr E. Klaus



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