Life in between The Mark’s Communication and Event Teams

Life in between The Mark’s Communication and Event Teams

By Ioana Rucareanu


The Mark Challenge! It’s everywhere – on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, in-school, out-of-school, is there anyone who hasn’t heard of The Mark Challenge? The ultimate business plan event day is rapidly approaching as Monaco opens its arms to greet these fresh, young entrepreneurs-to-be. This is the glamour that’s visible from the ‘outside’ but trust me, the “backstage” of the event is just as glamorous!



For the past 3 months, I’ve been liaising and coordinating The Communication Team and The Event Team. It’s been a crazy ride so far, and the cherry on top will be the event itself, flowing smoothly, of course! So what is it like coordinating two teams of IUM Luxury Management students? Well… it’s an emotional rollercoaster, since we’re all girls, we’ve been through all possible emotions planning for this event: happiness, sadness, frustration, anger, fatigue, excitement, but I think that at the end of the day, we all had a sense of achievement and a desire to make this event a success.


The Communication Team was the ‘social butterfly’, whose job was to raise awareness about the event through social media, press releases and interviews with successful entrepreneurs – so basically: the super-ultra-creative “how do we reinforce The Mark’s image and power” team! The Event Team was the ‘problem solver’, whose job was to take care of the event day itself, making sure that all will run smoothly, from the location, catering, lighting, decorations, entertainment, and all the other practical things [within a budget] that will keep the event running – so basically: the “let’s negotiate and make sure we get the best for the best and everything goes just as planned” team!


Being in the middle of these two fabulous teams was a great experience because I got to take part in both the “communication/awareness” side of an event as well as the “practical/planning/setup” part of it which has given me a 360-degree overview of the way an Event is produced. Regarding the teams, I find it amazing that, even though we were ‘selected’ by our teachers to perform each of our roles, I think each team has its own dynamic and, when put together, are really specialized in their own ‘segment’. Being in between them, I took part in different kinds of ‘problems’ and ‘solutions’ likewise that I now realize has been very useful in understanding this industry. I’m very grateful for this opportunity under the watchful eyes of Alicia, Andrea and Annalisa and I wish a lot of good luck to next year’s coordinator! 😀


Looking forward to the Event Day – it will be FABULOUS, just you wait and see!


See you there, Mark Challengers!


Ioana Rucareanu


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