We present you the communication team for the 2017 edition!

Dear Mark Challengers,


So far, we have had a lot of fun introducing you to each other on social media. We would like to thank everyone for their amazing team pictures and we can’t wait to meet the 7 finalists later this month!


Until then, it is only fair you meet us – your Communication team for the 2017 edition! We, Consuela, Maïté and Mélodie, have been working hard along with the Mark Challenge Events Team and our liaison, Ioana, in order to keep you on top of all you need to know about this year’s competition. We’ve had a blast organising events, spreading the love through our #Leaveyourmark Valentine’s Day challenge, celebrating Mother’s day and St. Patrick’s day together, responding to your thoughts and queries, sharing with you all our news and achievements and being there for you every day on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn!


We would also like to offer our special thanks to our incredible team leader, Alicia, without whose daily motivation and encouragement, positivity and support we would not have been able to bring you a top quality event on April 25th.


” It is a total honour and pleasure to be leading our fabulous Communication Team, and to be involved with The Mark Challenge once again, which is such an incredible platform for young, entrepreneurial students to inspire, and share their business ideas. ” – Alicia Sedgwick





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