We present you the Masters of Ceremony



  • Tell us the top 3 qualities you value in the other person, since meeting and working with them.

ADAM: Pernille is a person you like being around. She has this aura of confidence and integrity that makes you feel that you can be yourself around her. She’s serious and hard working.

PERNILLE: Adam is the kind of person that lights up the day, he always has a smile on his face and a joke up his sleeve. Even though you might associate Adam as the typical swede, blonde, blue eyes, stupid and owns a polar bear, he’s actually a super smart guy.


  • What was your favouritemoment preparing for The Mark Challenge so far?

A: Working with the fabulous Alicia Sedgwick, as always.

P: Making Adam run for coffee while I work.


  • We seem to have a Scandinavian theme this year – tell us where you’re from and how does your background impact your team dynamic?

A: I’m from Sweden and Pernille’s from Norway. Sweden and moose, Norway and salmon, meatballs and IKEA, Abba and Dancing Queen, Adam and Pernille – all perfect combinations!

P: I’m from Norway. Back in the days (150 years ago or so) Norway and Sweden was more or less one country, but in 1904 we became separate states. Maybe our collaboration for the Mark Challenge could be seen as a first beautiful step towards reunification?


  • What’s your advice for the teams?

A: Make them listen: show passion and excitement.

P: Even though the jury is the one’s taking the final decision, talk to the audience as well – be present!


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